Women in Films – The Comments Section

Oh the YouTube comments section, a magical place where people seem to assume they can write whatever they like without any reason or consequence. Never have I seen a more toxic review system as the comments section on an upcoming movie’s trailer, more specifically on films that predominantly feature women.

The anonymity of the comment section has opened a gate of hatred and misogyny that has made releasing a movie featuring important female casts is just one obstacle the film industry needs to combat on the path to gender inequality.


The first obvious example for the social media onslaught would be with the release of the all-female remake of ‘Ghostbusters’. I’m aware I talked about this one yesterday, but I really enjoyed the movie and it makes a good example. When the trailer for this movie was released we were treated with the recognisable characters and the promise of ghosts, however, if you scrolled down you’d have seen a  never-ending stream of hatred and disbelief that women could possibly replace their precious 80s favourites, some of whom hilariously appeared in the remake.

I think my favourite part about all these comments is how they were used to inspire the movie to include a scene where the characters actually receive some of the comments and openly mock them. Personally, if you just didn’t like the movie that’s perfectly fine films can’t please everyone, just don’t blame your displeasure on the fact it starred all women.


My next example just makes me sad for humanity. This year saw the remake of the well-known movie/game franchise ‘Tomb Raider’ starring Alicia Vikander. I honestly don’t know what to think from the trailer I’ll have to watch it to make my mind up, however, what I do know is that its not acceptable to base your judgments on a movie based on the size of the lead actresses breasts… I mean I actually had to take a minute comments and articles started to creep into existence, comparing Alicia’s bra size to Angelina’s or even the video game character, remember, the one with triangle imaginary breasts.

I mean I’m normally at a loss for words when it comes to the misogynistic hate comments from YouTube, the ones that lack any sort of depth or imagination, but in 2018 or even the 21st century, I’d have thought we had evolved more than to point at a women’s breasts and shout they aren’t big enough for this movie.


While writing this I’d been looking through some of these comments, it started off slightly entertaining and then just progressed to being saddened by humanity. I’m now just going to stop or I’ll just keep getting more bewildered and annoyed with all the hate-filled comments.


All Female Casts

In recent years we have been getting more films that centres around a predominantly female cast and to be honest I’m pretty here for it. Now we’ve all seen the countless comments about why films shouldn’t be solely focused on women because it is sexist against men, or they won’t make enough money, or simply won’t be good… believe me, I’ve eye rolled enough times at these comments I’m surprised my eyes haven’t fallen out my head.

In spite of the misogynistic comments that come with these movies, there have a been a good amount of films that feature all-female casts that are wildly successful and will hopefully pave the way for many more in the future.


I’ll first start off with the 2016 ‘Ghostbusters’ remake starring Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones and Kristen Wiig. I’ve started with this one as it’s a movie that I personally enjoyed a lot however, it was one of the more notable women-centered movies that brought about a lot of “interesting” comments from mainly men who refused to accept that a cult favourite would now be fronted by women. For many months there were comments about these prolific actors’ inability to uphold the standard of the original movie, to simple to threatening their lives.

Despite many attempts to boycott the movie, it managed to do relatively well at the box office, and I’m not surprised I thought the movie was superb and enjoyable. For me I’ve always enjoyed these actors in their own right, and for them to be brought together worked so well. *spoiler* I don’t think I’ll ever get over Leslie Jones slapping Melissa McCarthy in an attempt to force the ghost out of her body.


I don’t think I can write about an all-female cast without mentioning ‘Sex and the City’. I will only mention this ever so briefly as I’ve only seen the movies and not the TV show, personal choice – I’ll get round to it at some point. It is a testament to how well a show can do when fronted by only women when the show lasted 6 series over 6 years and then inspired two movies.

After watching both movies I was amazed to see a show that presents four very different women that, despite all wanting to find a man, have their own ambitions and achievements that they manage to make their own. My personal favourite has to be Samantha Jones, never have I seen a woman portrayed with a high sexual presence in such a way that it makes sense for the character rather than for the entertainment of a man.


Finally, there is the recent Netflix sci-fi thriller “Annihilation”. Starring Natalie Portman and Gina Rodriguez, this intense adaptation features a number of female scientists going on an expedition to discover the presence of the mysterious ‘shimmer’. Never have I watched a movie that has both scared me while keeping me hooked.

I would highly recommend this movie for its amazing ability to develop these well-rounded female characters while maintaining an intense and fascinating storyline. To be honest a small paragraph isn’t enough for this film so I’ll have to continue this in its own post.


To finish all I have to say is… bring on more all-female casts, heck as long as they interesting characters with an interesting plot why these shouldn’t be created? Ignore all the misogynistic comments that come with the promotions, these movies have been proven to do well.

Women in Film – Behind the Camera

Today I wanted to focus on a more positive note when it comes to Women in Film. Naturally, I wanted to get straight to the women who have achieved huge success in the film industry at the moment from behind the camera.

Hollywood is in need of promoting more female writers, directors, producers, runners, etc to help inspire more interesting and diverse female roles within the entertainment industry. Here are just a few directors and writers who inspire me and help forge a brighter future for gender equality.


I will start with a huge success for women behind the camera, Shonda Rhimes. Here is a director, writer and product of massively popular TV shows from ‘How to get away with murder’ and ‘Scandal’ to the well-known hospital drama ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. Each of these shows are known for their diverse characters, more specifically the well rounded female characters that each show centres around.

One of my favourites has to be “How to get away with murder” following the intense yet brilliant Annalise Keating, played by Oscar winner ‘Viola Davis’. From the first episode I was drawn into this thrilling show, more so for Shonda’s interesting ability to develop all of the show’s characters in different and unique ways. It is her attention to Annalise as a well-established character of colour that really resonated with me in a way I hadn’t recognised in any other show.


Moving from TV to film, I look towards Patty Jenkins, the director of the box office hit ‘Wonder Woman’. Now when it comes to DC movies I’ve always been a bit disappointed, and I really enjoy superhero movies, however, this movie quickly became one of my favourite superhero movies. Patty Jenkins took the renowned heroine and told a fantastic origin story full of action and emotion.

Now it may have quickly become one of the most successful superhero movies in terms of revenue, but it did all of this through the precise eye of Jenkins, who established Wonder Woman as a powerful woman who notably laughs in the face of obvious misogyny.


Even though I was only able to write about two fantastic women in the industry don’t be fooled, there are numerous talented women in Hollywood who are ready to create their own stories. All they need is an opportunity, place them behind the camera, make them part of the team, allow them to tell the stories that they want to tell.

Sexism on the Big Screen

Whether it is on the big screen of cinema or the small screen of TV there have always been issues with the representation of female characters throughout the years. From scantily clad Bond girls to crying damsels in distress, female characters have been treated with little respect for decades. Only recently have we started to see things change with interesting and well developed female characters being showcased at the forefront of popular movies. We must never forget how things used to be, to avoid going back.


A major issue for women on screen is their portrayal as sex objects, something which the well-known spy franchise James Bond is entirely guilty of. Many a time have I watched a classic Bond movie knowing full well I was going to see a scantily clad women emerging wet and buxom on the beach. Don’t get me wrong, these characters are normally as memorable as the Bond himself, but is it really worth it when it’s entirely because of how hot they looked?

With the more modern James Bond movies, there have been changes in how Bond and his creators treat female characters, apparently. We still see bikini-clad women that fall into the arms of the suave spy, but now we also have smarter more developed women who don’t fall for Bond’s charms. Who knows maybe there will come a time when most of the franchise doesn’t rely on who will be the next hot Bond girl.


Another tiresome trope would be the female characters inability to function in life without a man to complete her. This is a common feature in the ‘chick-flic’ genre, which normally centres around a typical everyday girl who has an ok job, or is generally ok at school, but is desperately in need of a man (I’d name an example but there are that many there is really no point). The bit that angers me about this theme is that so many young girls were made to feel like their lives weren’t a success unless they had a man to love them.

In the more recent years, there has been a shift in ‘chick-flic’ movies, focusing more on female friendships rather than a man. Some still end up teetering towards getting over a break-up and ending up with someone else, but like ‘Bridesmaids’ as an example, it isn’t the main plot point of the movies, instead acting as a nice happy ending.


Now I could write about the issues that women in movies have faced in the past, but I could honestly be here all day. Besides I’d rather use this week to focus on the progress we have made towards gender equality in the entertainment industry. So tomorrow should hopefully have a happier tone.

A Week of Women In Movies

This week is going to be a rather short post as I simply want to mention what I’ll be doing this week. I want to try and complete a full week of writing a post for every day on a specific topic, something I might try doing once a month or every other month.


For this week I wanted to look into the topic of women in TV and film. This is something that I’m constantly reading about and I’m always really interested in. It has always been a strong topic for me based on the growth that the TV and film industries are going through the help incorporate more women both on and behind the camera. However, despite there being some sort of growth there is still a long way to go before there is more gender equality in the entertainment industry and without talking about it nothing will be changed.


So hopefully this week will go well in terms of getting my thoughts out into the open. To help spur me on I’ve written out a general idea of what areas I’ll be writing about:

  • A brief history of women on screen
  • The importance of women behind the camera
  • All female casts
  • Interesting female characters
  • Social media vs. progress

Now, this isn’t a definite schedule of what I’ll be talking about throughout the week but will be what I would like to focus on.

Mothers Day 2018

Today marks the annual holiday ‘Mothering Sunday’ in the United Kingdom. For most people in the country, they see this day as another reason to stress about what gifts they should be buying to show their mother’s how much they love them. I’ve seen all over the place articles that let us know what sort of gifts we should be buying and where we should be taking them. However, I’ve never seen many articles that tell us to simply slow down and take the time out to spend time with our mum’s.


As the eldest of three I have constantly stressed about buying a gift for my mum, something that consciously would look better than my siblings, we’ve always been pretty competitive in that sense. After years of worrying that I haven’t got the best thing for her, it suddenly dawned on me. She never wanted anything apart from our presence.


Now let’s not kid ourselves, of course, our mothers want some sort of gift, they have put lots of time and effort into raising us, we should definitely be showing them that we care. I’d say to avoid any stress, simply ask them what they may want. I’ve never been afraid to ask, as much as I know what my mum likes, it’s always nice to completely make sure I’ve got something that she really wants.


If you want to get your mother’s something good that they’ll enjoy without having to spend many days stressing about the gift here are a number of suggestions:


  • Flowers: most mother’s that I know enjoy a good bouquet of flowers; just make sure to actually get the flowers your mother likes. You can’t just pick up the cheapest bunch.


  • Chocolate: Who doesn’t love chocolate? Apart from people who are allergic or generally don’t like it. But either way, most of the time chocolate is an easy win.


  • DVD or CD: in the age of Netflix and Spotify there is still very good reason to get your mother’s favourite CD or DVD, they’re normally the ones who will still use them.


  • A Meal Out: there is no better way to spend the day than making sure they don’t have to cook for once. Even if you just cook a meal at home, I’m sure they’ll still love it.


At the end of the day, no matter what you end up doing or buying for mother’s day I’m sure your mum will still appreciate it. So here’s to all the amazing mother’s out there, keeping us out of trouble and ensuring we continue making good choices!

March 2018 – Women’s History Month

March sees the annual celebration of Women’s History Month, a time where people around the world recognise and celebrate important achievements for women throughout time. The month is mainly celebrated every year in March in the United Kingdom and the United States, in line with International Women’s Day (March 8th).


Now you may ask yourself “why isn’t there a men’s history month?” and the answer to that would be… we don’t need one. For years we have celebrated and recognised the achievements of men to the point of completely overshadowing work that women have spent time and energy completing. This month is not about erasing and destroying any important moment that men have made, it’s about showcasing the amazing actions that women have also taken because unfortunately, these are the stories that aren’t given the same spotlight as men.


Around the different states and cities, there will be a number of events that will help showcase past achievements from women while helping to encourage women and girls in today’s society to take the leap and forge their own path in life. There are also a number of rallies prepared to help encourage governments to listen and improve gender equality.


Throughout this month I aim to write a number of articles that focus on different movements and achievements that have helped path the way for gender equality while recognising the modern day movements that will hopefully shape our future in a positive light.

Stream of Conscious Pt. 2 ‘I don’t understand’

So recently there have been a lot of things going on in the world that I’ve taken issue with. Getting straight to the point; it’s the conversation around gun control, and then talks about Brexit. As a pretty emotional person, I probably shouldn’t watch the news because it just makes me upset and incredibly frustrated. However, I soon realised that these are important emotions to feel, it inspires me to actually get up and do something about these issues.


I’ll start with gun control, a sentence that thankfully doesn’t apply to where I live, England. Now we’ve all heard about the atrocity that befell the poor young children of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. Since then though there have been hundreds of interviews and protests that look into the pros and cons of gun control. I’ll say now I’m definitely pro-gun control. Pretty simple, I don’t see why anyone in their right mind would want a gun or even need a gun. I’ve heard the countless counter arguments that talk about the second amendment and protecting their families; but from where I’m sat, in a country that has very tight laws surrounded gun ownership and hasn’t had a gun massacre since 1996 (22 years), it just sounds like the biggest pile of crap.

One thing that shocks me even more is how these pro-gun advocates, who constantly state that they are law-abiding, sane gun owners, have started attacked the kids who, not only are rallying to get better gun control laws but also survived the massacre witnessing possibly the most horrific thing that will stay with them their whole lives. So I don’t see how anyone who attacks the survivors in defense of their guns can even be classed as sane enough to own the guns they love so much.


Moving swiftly on to an issue that is closer to home – Brexit! God the very word just upsets me. I voted remain, for a number of reasons; firstly it was something that I’d grown up with and didn’t seem broken to me, and then there was the leave campaign that seemed more into on kicking “non-brits” out of England, otherwise known as racist propaganda.

Unfortunately, the leave vote won the majority leading to years of the UK attempting to salvage some sort of decent deal with the EU before we’re left to our own devices. It did take me a while to come to terms with the decision, but I eventually got there just making sure to pay attention to what our government is doing with my future, which is hard when they refuse to reveal any information. As well as the stupid lack of information surrounding the actual deal there is another part of Brexit that annoys me. For some reason the government seems intent on reminding us that the British people voted to leave, last time I checked the vote was “52% to 48%” which sounds more like half the British public voted to leave.


To be honest, I could sit and complain about worldly issues till the cows come home. But then I’d turn this into a novel which would just start to sound whiney. So here’s the end!

Movie Review…Black Panther


This week saw the UK release of the highly anticipated Black Panther movie. The latest addition to the Marvel franchise starts from where it left off in Captain America: Civil War, with T’Challa taking over as King of Wakanda and as the new Black Panther.

After watching the trailer I could not have been more excited to watch this movie; it showcased everything I loved about Marvel movies – high impact action, witty jokes, and superpowers. It also happened to be the first Marvel movie with a mainly black cast – so it was safe to say I had pretty high expectations.


I’ll get the negatives out the way, just because there is only one issue and I don’t want to end on a bum note. I find Marvel movies work in four sections; the introduction (meeting the characters), the set up (whats going to happen), the sub-plot, and the final battle scene. For me, it’s the additional sub-plot that always fails to engage me. For fear of spoiling the movie, I won’t mention what Black Panther’s sub-plot is – but it definitely felt like something that wouldn’t have been missed if they just cut it out.


Moving swiftly on from the downside and straight into the positives, I really loved this movie. My main love for the film was how they treated the female characters. Normally I find the treatment of female characters as rather lacks and only recently been rectified. Throughout Black Panther, we were introduced to a multitude of different women from mothers to warriors and elders to science geniuses. Each of these characters were given different personalities and a range of emotion that I felt was portrayed better than I’ve seen in a Marvel movie before.


Another high note for me was the representation of African culture. The movie is based in the fictional East African nation of Wakanda, with different tribes that contribute to the nation. Each tribe had their own attire and representation, which at no point felt tacky or discredited. There were points were celebration and mourning were showcased in a different light to the typical western ideals we’ve seen in many movies before this.


Finally, the overall casting for me was absolutely superb. As more characters were introduced I could instantly remember other TV shows or movies that they had been in before. For example; Michael B Jordan (seen in Creed, Chronicle and Fantastic Four), Letitia Wright (seen recently in the recent series of Black Mirror) and of course Lupita Nyong’o, Angela Bassett, and Daniel Kaluuya all from well-known award-winning movies. With this star-studded cast, it only proves to naysayers in the world that movies with predominantly black casts are worth the time and investment to create fantastic movies.

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